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Vaping is an excellent alternative to smoking tobacco as it prevents the accumulation of toxic chemical substances in the body. As no combustion process that takes place in vaping the tar does not get produced and thus, you will have the same feeling as you would while smoking tobacco, but at the same time, it saves you from a lot of health issues. Many people are against vaping as they associate it with smoking and consider it to be the same thing. But there are vaping advocacy groups which struggle hard to bring the awareness of vaping and the following are some of the top organizations which support vaping.


The Consumer Advocates for Smoke-Free Alternatives Association is an organization which supports and tries to bring in laws to promote vaping as they believe that vaping is a strong tobacco alternative. They say that e-cigars will bring a positive impact on America. They maintain a blog where they keep track of all the laws regarding vaping, and they gather support to raise a national petition to the government to protect the sales of e-cigs in the market.

They had said that they had had an extremely positive result when they took a survey in the year 2015, where about 87% of the people quit smoking due to the help of e-cigs. The organization conducts many webinars where they explain the role of CASAA in vaping industries and what consumers can do to help CASAA in promoting vaping.

Website: CASAA.org



The American Vaping Association is a group of small vaping business owners whose main aim is to educate the government officials about the various positive effects of vaping and how it could help people to quit smoking. They are also keen on discussing the economic and the public health benefits of the country. AVA tries to collect testimonials from e-cig users, and they tell others how it is a perfect alternative to tobacco smoking. They use the media and put out headlines like “vaping saved my life” reach out to the government and the people why vaping is important. They also encourage vapors to share their success stories with the world.

Website: Vaping.org


The Smoke-Free Alternatives Trade Association is an organization which is keen on providing tobacco-free alternate products to smokers who are trying so hard to quit smoking. The members of SFATA include manufacturers and distributors of e-cigs. The organization encourages its members to start their own chapters and bring about change in people who are tobacco smokers.

You are also allowed to spread the awareness about vaping as it can save thousands of lives all over the world. However, one cannot say that vaping is completely safe but it is comparatively a lot safer to smoking tobacco, and it is a great method to help people to quit tobacco smoking.

Website:  SFATA.org

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