Good and Bad Vaping Products

Good and Bad Vaping Products

Around 16 percent of adults in New Zealand smoke, a significant improvement since a quarter of New Zealanders did in 1997. However, that doesn’t mean it’s easy to quit, which is why vaping has become an excellent transitional product. Those who find it tough to stamp out the habit can still get their nicotine hit from a far safer alternative – vape products.

However, as with anything, there are low-quality and high-quality products on the market. It’s up to you as a consumer to understand the difference and make an informed choice on what the best products will be for you. Below, we run through a few things to consider when it comes to good and bad vaping products.

E Liquids

The average smoker can spend close to $11,000 a year on cigarettes – enough for a nice car every 12 months! Therefore, once you give up smoking, you can notice your bank account looks a little more flush than it used to! That’s not to say those who make the transition from smoking to vaping still aren’t looking for a bargain. But there’s a fine line between getting a bargain and getting an inferior product.

Cheap E liquids imported into New Zealand from overseas often don’t go through strict manufacturing processes. Some use inferior quality ingredients, while others may contain abnormal components and ingredients which can be harmful to inhale.

You also have to ensure you strike a healthy balance when it comes to propylene glycerol and vegetable glycerine. Too much VG can clog up your coils as it’s thicker, but PG can be quite intense which may put a new vaper off it altogether. Experienced E-liquid manufacturers in New Zealand know what they are doing and how to create E liquids that will satisfy their customers’ requirements.

Using Inferior Vape Products

There can be a significant risk associated with using poorly made vape products. Of course, everyone loves a bargain, but if something looks too cheap, then you have to question its quality. There is no strong evidence to suggest that cheap products are more or less dangerous than their pricier counterparts, but the structural integrity can be questionable.

What’s more, there have been several documented cases of inferior quality products catching fire and exploding due to defective batteries. Such instances can cause several injuries, damage to property, and even fatalities. It’s in your best interest to buy your vape products from a reputable, named provider who stands by the quality and legitimacy of what they sell.

Advanced Kits

Advanced kits are good and bad vape products. They are an excellent option for advanced vapers looking for something that little bit special, but they are not suitable for beginners. With advanced kits like box mods, you are able to make different changes to suit your tastes and preferences, but the vape intake can be too much for someone who is not used to it. If you are going to take up vaping, talk to your local vape product expert to find out what would be right for you.

Good E Liquids

The best way to be sure of the quality of your E-liquid is by buying it from a reputable vape products store – be it a physical location or online. If, however, you are not sure, or the value seems too good to be true, there are other ways of determining whether you’re buying good E liquids or bad E liquids.

Read online reviews and consider the reputation of the brand. Do they have a legitimate manufacturer website? If you know the brand to be reputable, but the price is a mere fraction of what you normally pay, that’s a fairly good sign that the E-liquid is not legitimate.

Another consideration is the labeling. If it’s not professional, looks cheap, or is fading, that’s a fairly good sign that you should not buy the E-liquid. If it has no nicotine, is it entirely clear? If it has a high volume of nicotine, is it the right dark shade?

Then, pay attention to the identifying information from the manufacturer. It should have batch information and a means to trace it back to the manufacturer. All of these things can determine whether an E-liquid is a good or bad vape product.

How to Use a Vape Product Safely

If you now have all the vape products you need, such as a vape machine, coils, nicotine salts, and E-liquid, then it’s a good idea to brush up on vape safety.

Always use the supplied charger for vaping, don’t leave it charging overnight, and don’t use your vape products while they are charging. If the battery gets too hot, springs a leak, or you modify it in any way, it’s time to buy a new product. Once you have finished charging your vape machine, unplug it.


The market is full of weird and wonderful vape products that are bound to impress. Before you get your heart set on any individual product, take the time to do your research. Find the best vape products available and don’t skimp on quality.

How to Use a Vape Fact Text

Its ease of use
An e-cigarette is the simplest option in terms of the difficulties a novice user can encounter when he starts to delve into this world of vaping. But it is not the option that from Zulo Shishas we recommend you.

It is true that the use of a vaper can be somewhat more complex, because there are models of vapers with tremendous possibilities, where we can control the watts of power, configure different vaping modes, and thus customize our sessions of vaping, battery life, etc…

Its price
Although a priori, the e-cigarette is the cheapest option, vaper manufacturers have optimized the productivity of their processes to the maximum, and today, we find real vaper wonders for more than affordable prices.

Of course, for the most demanding, you can find much more powerful models, with higher prices. Always to the taste of the consumer, and the possibilities of each person.

Its size
If you want something discreet, e-cigarettes can be what you’re looking for. Although there are vapers that perfectly imitate some e-cigarettes.

However, our recommendation is that you do not sacrifice quality for discretion.

Its durability
For us, one of the heavier aspects to choose a vaper over an electronic cigar: its durability.

The materials with which vapers are designed and their manufacturing process make them a much more durable product than e-cigarettes.

Your battery life
And finally, another of the strengths of the newest vapers that you will find in our store: The lifetime of their batteries.

Obviously, as with mobiles, the battery life will depend on the exact model of vaper you want to buy, since you will find them with more or less power, and therefore more or less duration.

Also, the good use you give to your new vaper will help you extend your life.

So what are the benefits of the vaporizer?
It should have already been clear that a vaper offers us multiple advantages over e-cigarettes. But the benefits that the vaporizer really brings us are related to the ease of quitting smoking, as well as positive aspects in terms of the aroma, the variety of flavors, the places where we can use our vaper to this day, etc…

Therefore, vaping is a way to enjoy the feeling of inhaling smoke, without having to go to the chemicals contained in traditional tobacco. And the best thing, we don’t lose a drop of aroma if we want to vape using 0% nicotine liquids.

Vaper is more healthy than conventional tobacco
In our view, the most important benefit of vaping is that if you want to continue to have the feeling of smoking (in this case, inhaling or vaping), at least vaping is a healthier and healthier habit than smoking regular cigarettes.

In fact, you should keep in mind that using a vaper, we remove carbon monoxide and tar in tobacco smoke. What’s more, if you want, you can also remove nicotine, thanks to the 0% nicotine liquids that we have in our store, with a variety that you can not imagine!

We’ll save money in the medium and long term
Do you find vaping unless you vape, and also spend a lot less than you spent when you smoked traditional tobacco?

The vaporizers that exist on the market are very effective, as long as you do not buy it from any bazaar where they are not specialized at all.

According to some reports, vaporizers are up to 40% more effective than smoking. Therefore, we will save up to 40% on herbs or tobacco (even if you use bulk rolling). In this way, we will have amortized the investment in our new vaper in the medium term. From there, it’s all economic benefits.

Out of ashtrays and smelly clothes!
Unlike the smell and the type of smoke that produces combustion, and that lasts in the environment, impregnating itself in our skin, our clothes, curtains or our hair, among others, because of tar that contains conventional tobacco, the smoke that we exhale with our vaper disperses within a few seconds, and only, people that we have very close will be able to notice it, without ever disturbing them.

The great benefit of the vaporizer is that we will no longer smell of tobacco, and our house or our clothes will never “re-smell” smoke. In addition, the vaper smoke usually disappears very soon, and without spreading. Finally, you should know that, as long as we don’t inhale, the vaper doesn’t produce smoke until we use it.

Oh, and say goodbye to the ashtrays!

Beneficios de vapear respecto a fumar.
Benefits: Healthiest, no ashtrays, it is not smelly, we control the doses, more discreet…

We will control the desired dosage of our aromas
It is another of the benefits that we get of vapers users: being able to control and mix, the flavors and aromas that we like the most, dosing the proportions of each of them.

Vaper helps us be discreet
Maybe you don’t mind. Neither do we. But it is true that we have really discreet vapers, and that will go unnoticed in your pocket, or in your bag or purse.

The smell does not spread, does not stain, and does not persist in the environment. Does anybody give more?

Electronic cigarette is a battery-operated device

The Eurobarometer data for 2012 indicates that 69% of Europeans have heard of the EC. Data in Anglo-Saxon countries show that 73 and 54% of American and English citizens, respectively, know the EC, while knowledge of these devices is less than 35% of Canadian and Australian citizens. It is noteworthy that in these 2 countries the sale and distribution of the EC is prohibited.

In the United States, sales of CE and those of the “bottles containing filling liquids” increased, from 2010 to 2012, 9 and 14 times, respectively. The dissemination and marketing that these products have had in the United States have been spectacular. Suffice it to say that during the awards ceremony of the 2010 Grammy Awards the EC were delivered as a gift among those attending it, and have even been promoted in some American films.

The same increase in sales observed in the United States has been seen in the United Kingdom, where CE sales increased from a few thousand in 2006 to 600,000 in 2012. Each year sales rose 500%. In some countries, this increase in sales has not been maintained over time. In Italy, EC sales increased for a year, but then progressively decreased.

The EC market in Europe is very fragmented and is led by small companies. However, large tobacco companies are very interested in this product. In 2012, the American tobacco company Lorillard bought one of the leading CE companies in America (Blu e-Cigs). At the present time other large tobacco companies, such as Reynolds American Inc., BAT and Philip Morris, are researching and developing new products of the CE type.

With regard to the chemicals that are present in the EC, 2 aspects have to be considered. On the one hand, the substances that are contained in the liquid with which the EC is charged; on the other hand, those that are produced as a result of the heating of said liquid and that are vehiculized through the steam emitted by the EC.

The liquid with which the EC is loaded contains the following substances: propylene glycol, glycerin, nicotine, flavorings (tobacco, mint, fruits, cinnamon, etc.) and other additives.

Propylene glycol is the fundamental component of the liquid. This substance is considered safe for use as ingested substance. However, there is not much information about its safety when inhaled, as is the case with the EC. There is some study that shows that prolonged inhalation can cause irritation of the eyes, throat and airways, as well as asthma in children. It should be assumed that EC consumers would be exposed to inhalation of this substance throughout the day and for a more or less prolonged time. This could be particularly dangerous for subjects with basic respiratory problems. In fact, some of the CE producers warn about this aspect in their products.

Glycerin is another of the fundamental components of EC fluids. This substance is considered safe when consumed orally. However, its effects are not known when it is inhaled. A recent article showed the case of a woman of 42years old who had been consuming EC for 7months and he developed a subacute picture of fever, cough and dyspnea. Analysis of sputum and bronchoalveolar lavage samples revealed macrophages loaded with lipids. The patient’s condition was diagnosed with lipoid pneumonia. The abandonment of EC consumption resulted in an improvement and disappearance of its pathology.

EC fluid contains nicotine in doses ranging from 0 to 36mg / ml The main problem that can produce this is that, due to the manipulation that is done with the liquid to introduce it into the atomizer, part of this nicotine can come into contact with the skin and cause irritation or can be ingested, accidentally, by children. It is known that the intake of a dose of only 6mg can be lethal to them.

The steam emitted by the EC is also loaded with chemicals that may pose a health risk. Among them, the following stand out: formaldehyde, acetaldehyde and acroleins, although in smaller quantities than in cigarette smoke. On the other hand, metals such as nickel, chromium and lead have been found in the EC steam. It is believed that they are produced from atomizers.

It is noteworthy that the levels of nickel found in the EC vapor are higher than those detected in cigarette smoke. The International Agency for Research on Cancer classifies all these substances as carcinogenic without determining a safety threshold for their consumption.

One study analyzed the acute effects on the respiratory system caused by the inhalation of an EC during 5min in 30 healthy smokers. The study showed that such inhalation did not produce effects on basic lung parameters such as FEV 1 , FVC, PEF and MEF 50-75%. However, it did cause a reduction in exhaled nitric oxide levels and an increase in peripheral airway resistance and impedance. While both reducing nitric oxide levels (from 2.14ppb, p=0.005) as the increase in resistance and impedance (of 0.04kPa / (l / s), p=0.003) were significant, had no acute clinical translation. However, its long-term clinical significance could not be assessed or ruled out. At the moment there is a significant absence in the literature of serious works that evaluate the effects in the short, medium and long term that could have EC consumption on lung function.

The use of EC emits substances into the environment. Among them, propylene glycol and nicotine have been detected, as well as liquid particles of less than 2.5μm in diameter (PM2.5). This type of particles can penetrate the lungs and cause damage associated with passive EC consumption in non-“vaping” subjects. In one study, the emission of these particles to the environment was assessed with the consumption of CE and conventional cigarettes. The results showed that the amount that appeared after the use of conventional cigarettes was much higher than what was detected after the consumption of the EC (901μg / m for conventional cigarettes versus 43μg / m for the EC). It should be noted that the safety threshold dictated by WHO for this type of substance is slightly below 43μg / m.

In this section we will analyze the studies that have been carried out with the objective of measuring the effectiveness of the EC as a device to help tobacco cessation. In this sense there are several types of studies: those that measure the effectiveness they have in controlling the different symptoms of withdrawal symptoms, and those that have been designed to evaluate the effectiveness of this product to achieve complete withdrawal.