Good and Bad Vaping Products

Good and Bad Vaping Products

Around 16 percent of adults in New Zealand smoke, a significant improvement since a quarter of New Zealanders did in 1997. However, that doesn’t mean it’s easy to quit, which is why vaping has become an excellent transitional product. Those who find it tough to stamp out the habit can still get their nicotine hit from a far safer alternative – vape products.

However, as with anything, there are low-quality and high-quality products on the market. It’s up to you as a consumer to understand the difference and make an informed choice on what the best products will be for you. Below, we run through a few things to consider when it comes to good and bad vaping products.

E Liquids

The average smoker can spend close to $11,000 a year on cigarettes – enough for a nice car every 12 months! Therefore, once you give up smoking, you can notice your bank account looks a little more flush than it used to! That’s not to say those who make the transition from smoking to vaping still aren’t looking for a bargain. But there’s a fine line between getting a bargain and getting an inferior product.

Cheap E liquids imported into New Zealand from overseas often don’t go through strict manufacturing processes. Some use inferior quality ingredients, while others may contain abnormal components and ingredients which can be harmful to inhale.

You also have to ensure you strike a healthy balance when it comes to propylene glycerol and vegetable glycerine. Too much VG can clog up your coils as it’s thicker, but PG can be quite intense which may put a new vaper off it altogether. Experienced E-liquid manufacturers in New Zealand know what they are doing and how to create E liquids that will satisfy their customers’ requirements.

Using Inferior Vape Products

There can be a significant risk associated with using poorly made vape products. Of course, everyone loves a bargain, but if something looks too cheap, then you have to question its quality. There is no strong evidence to suggest that cheap products are more or less dangerous than their pricier counterparts, but the structural integrity can be questionable.

What’s more, there have been several documented cases of inferior quality products catching fire and exploding due to defective batteries. Such instances can cause several injuries, damage to property, and even fatalities. It’s in your best interest to buy your vape products from a reputable, named provider who stands by the quality and legitimacy of what they sell.

Advanced Kits

Advanced kits are good and bad vape products. They are an excellent option for advanced vapers looking for something that little bit special, but they are not suitable for beginners. With advanced kits like box mods, you are able to make different changes to suit your tastes and preferences, but the vape intake can be too much for someone who is not used to it. If you are going to take up vaping, talk to your local vape product expert to find out what would be right for you.

Good E Liquids

The best way to be sure of the quality of your E-liquid is by buying it from a reputable vape products store – be it a physical location or online. If, however, you are not sure, or the value seems too good to be true, there are other ways of determining whether you’re buying good E liquids or bad E liquids.

Read online reviews and consider the reputation of the brand. Do they have a legitimate manufacturer website? If you know the brand to be reputable, but the price is a mere fraction of what you normally pay, that’s a fairly good sign that the E-liquid is not legitimate.

Another consideration is the labeling. If it’s not professional, looks cheap, or is fading, that’s a fairly good sign that you should not buy the E-liquid. If it has no nicotine, is it entirely clear? If it has a high volume of nicotine, is it the right dark shade?

Then, pay attention to the identifying information from the manufacturer. It should have batch information and a means to trace it back to the manufacturer. All of these things can determine whether an E-liquid is a good or bad vape product.

How to Use a Vape Product Safely

If you now have all the vape products you need, such as a vape machine, coils, nicotine salts, and E-liquid, then it’s a good idea to brush up on vape safety.

Always use the supplied charger for vaping, don’t leave it charging overnight, and don’t use your vape products while they are charging. If the battery gets too hot, springs a leak, or you modify it in any way, it’s time to buy a new product. Once you have finished charging your vape machine, unplug it.


The market is full of weird and wonderful vape products that are bound to impress. Before you get your heart set on any individual product, take the time to do your research. Find the best vape products available and don’t skimp on quality.